Travel Tale: Iceland

Are you thinking about traveling to Iceland? We've got two traveler tales to share. The first is an interview with Kortney (Allergy Girl Eats) and the second is a video of Allie (Miss Allergic Reactor) sharing some of her footage, pictures and tips for traveling to Iceland.


Traveling to Iceland with Allergy Girl Eats

Why did you travel to Iceland?

I went to Iceland in 2016 because we decided to take advantage of the Icelandair stopover deal while traveling to Canada from Germany. If you don't know about it, Icelandair lets you extend your connection time up to seven days. We went in January, which seemed like a weird time to go, but we were coming from Canada, which was already cold and we had high hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. We didn't see the Northern Lights but fell in love with Iceland and went back a second time that year in August - to see what it is like in sunlight.

What were your allergy concerns?

My number one concern wherever I go is what oil they use to cook. Having a soy and sunflower oil allergy makes eating out challenging in several countries, so this is my number one concern. Otherwise, I am pretty flexible and as long as there is a grocery store.

How did you get to Iceland?

I have flown with both Icelandair and Wow air (no longer in service). Both airlines are super for allergies.

What were my first impressions?

Two big things stood out. First was the design, Iceland is so stylish. They know how to do minimalism very well. The second is how friendly and knowledgeable people are. Everyone I met was so open and spoke perfect English.

Where did you stay?

The first time we went we stayed in an Icelandair Hotel in Reykjavik called Natura. The second time we stayed at a B&B. The B&B was not my favourite experience because it was very expensive and we had to share a bathroom - not a good deal for value (going in the winter is better). It had a kitchen, but since it was used by so many people it made me a little nervous to cook in - they also had open peanut butter on the counter every morning.

What did you eat?

I ate at several restaurants, my favourite being Ostabudin in the heart of Reykjavik. Otherwise, I ate a lot of Skyr! Check out where Kortney at while traveling to Iceland with a peanut allergy.

What was the coolest “can’t miss” experience?

Go to a hot spring. We went to one off the Golden Circle where the beach was burning hot in some areas, and then there was ice, not 30 cm away from it.

Would you go there again?

Oh, you bet! I can't wait for the next time.

Any travel tips for visiting Iceland with food allergies?

I would pack safe snacks with you even if you can go to the grocery store it is nice to have familiar food. A lot of things you do in Iceland are far away from the city, so better to have food with you and food you know is safe. I preferred Iceland in the Winter, it was more affordable and the lighting is so much more romantic because the sun never fully rises in the sky everything is kissed by magic hour light.

Traveling to Iceland with Miss Allergic Reactor