Allergy Travels Website Changes

Why do you travel?

For us it's to explore new places, create memories and connect with people around the world. And that's one thing we feel Allergy Travels has done – connect people.

We are so proud of the community we have built and the way you all share advice, experiences and support each other on your adventures. Our Facebook group is always active and welcoming, and we know it helps lots of people feel confident and informed about travelling with allergies.

As this has grown, we have been working behind the scenes on the best way to support you. We feel that the original Allergy Travels site was a little dense and although full of useful information, timely to navigate.

So we wanted to simplify and streamline the site so it is easier for you to find the information you are looking for.

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Big Changes!

The biggest change is that we have taken away the review capacity. We were aware that most people like to share their experiences directly in our group, and we have been organising it so you can now search easily for different destinations and topics.

Don't worry, we have kept a lot of the great advice and insights that were shared in the reviews and will be incorporating them into our new country pages.

Each page will also continue to feature the essential information including emergency numbers, labelling laws and national airlines. It will also have key information about the country, hotel chains and supermarkets.  

New Features

We have added a great new feature where we share useful articles from the web directly on each country page, so you can continue your research through recommended sources.  

Another exciting addition is that you can now book your trips directly from our site! If you purchase tickets, or book accommodation through our links we will receive a small commission to help keep Allergy Travels running, but it costs you the same.

Thank you for being a part of our journey so far and for helping to grow Allergy Travels into the supportive online community we hoped it would be.

Keep sharing your stories, asking questions and showing the world you can travel safely with allergies.

Happy Travels!

Allie, Emma, Kortney & Kyle

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Kortney Kwong Hing