Travel Tale: Kos, Greece

One of our co-founders, Allie (Miss Allergic Reactor) shares her travel tales from the Island of Kos!


Traveling to Greece with a fish allergy and more!

Why did you travel to Greece?

I had never been to Greece and had always wanted to go. Somehow even after living in Europe for so many years, it still remained on my list to explore. I found a cheap flight to Kos from where I was in Italy and decided to take advantage. I wanted a beach vacation and that is what I got!

What were your allergy concerns?

I never let allergies stop me and I don't stress about it. In places like Greece where food is pretty simple, I don't have any real allergy concerns. Instead I am proactive about what I need to do keep myself safe. For example, I knew I needed a chef card translated into Greek. Thankfully the week before when I was at a conference I became friends with someone from Greece, so I asked for help with translation.

How did you get to Greece?

I flew a small budget airline from Verona, Italy to Kos.

What were your first impressions?

It's beautiful. It isn't a common Greek island for American tourists, so that was refreshing.

Where did you stay?

I stayed at this great little hotel right across the street from the sea. I had an incredible view and a kitchenette in case I needed it.

What did you eat? (Where and anything notable about the experience?)

I didn't have an overly impressive meals, however I was safely able to eat out. See my Instagram story highlights for more details!

What was the coolest “can’t miss” experience?

Go to this little mountain top town called Zia. The sunset from there was spectacular!

Would you go there again?

Absolutely! I made friends there and definitely plan to go back.

Any travel tips for visiting Greece with food allergies?

Bringing a chef card is a must. Trust your gut. Stay somewhere with a kitchen so that you have the option if you don't feel comfortable dining out. Greece is definitely worth a visit!

Kortney Kwong Hing