Food Allergy Travel Checklist

We get asked lots of questions at Allergy Travels from how to take allergic children on holiday, or how to go backpacking, to how to travel to remote destinations or how to fly safely with allergies. We have lots of advice, tips and reviews but at the heart of it all is one vital thing:

Planning, planning, planning!

Any successful trip with allergies comes down to making sure you have the information, resources and knowledge to stay safe while away from home.

Before you go

Before you book any tickets it is important to do some research about the destination, accommdation and transport.  Take a look at our country reviews to find out how allergy friendly they are and anything you should be aware of. Decide what you want from your accommodation - do you need cooking facilities? Do you want to be close to a hospital? If you are opting for a hotel or resort it is important to contact them in advance about your dietary needs or research restaurants nearby.

If you will be flying, make sure you are aware of the airline's allergy policy, which you can find on our airline reviews page. If you are driving or taking a train or ferry, plan for how you will find safe food along the way. It is also important to make sure all your medication is up to date and you have good travel insurance and allergy translation cards, if travelling abroad.

On the day

On the day of your trip. make sure you have a good meal before you leave home and have more than enough food and snacks to cover your journey and any delays. Double check all your medication and make sure it is easily accessible.

If you are flying, be sure everything you need is in your hand luggage and alert the staff of your allergies. Preboard if you can and wipe down your seat, tray table and seat belt.

At the destination

When you arrive, familiarise yourself with your location and make sure you know who to contact in an emergecny. Talk to staff at the hotel or resort, or locate the nearest supermarket to stock up on supplies.

Make sure you take your medication wherever you go and think about how you will store it at the beach or pool.

Now go and enjoy yourself - all that planning means you can start to relax and unwind!