Allergy Travels


Our team has been fortunate enough to safely visit over 70 countries with over 30 food allergies combined! We love to explore and want to bring that same love and enthusiasm to you. Since we know how challenging it can be to live with food allergies on a daily basis, we understand the extra time and effort it takes to plan for a vacation. By creating this site, we hope to alleviate the extra time and stress of planning with allergies by having easily accessible information right at your fingertips!

Since each of us was used to doing our own allergy research before venturing off to many incredible locations around the globe, we would occasionally catch each others’ social media posts and comment on our own experiences with food allergies in those same locations. As this continued, we realized we could not only help each other by sharing our allergy travel knowledge, but we could help the entire allergy community if we created a site to share what we had gained while traveling the world.


Meet the team


Allie Bahn

Allie lives in Philadelphia, USA, but has spent many years living abroad including Italy, one of her favourite places. Allie runs the blog Miss Allergic Reactor, where she shares her experiences to help other people with allergies thrive. She has multiple food allergies, asthma and environmental allergies but they don’t stop her exploring and she would love to go on safari in Africa. 

“Travel is when I’m happiest. I want everyone to have the experience to explore the world and food allergies should not be a road block for global adventure. AllergyTravels provides those with food allergies a way to travel and explore with confidence! “


Emma Amoscato

Emma is a writer from the UK and has two young children with multiple food allergies and asthma. She shares their experiences as an allergy family on her blog Free From Farmhouse. Emma has travelled widely and loved volunteering in Peru and living in New York. She would like to see more of South America and visit Nepal.

“Travel has been a big part of my life and I want my children to have the same experiences without food allergies holding them back. I am excited to create a hub of information to help people feel informed and inspired about exploring the world.”


Kortney Kwong Hing

Kortney is from Toronto but lives in Berlin and has grown up with multiple allergies and Oral Allergy Syndrome. She started her blog, Allergy Girl Eats, to document living with anaphylaxis and show that food allergy cooking can be easy, fun and empowering. She loves the breathtaking landscape of Iceland and would like to see more in the Galapaogs Islands.

“Allergies should not stop you from experiencing the world. I want to help people feel safe and comfortable when travelling. We should not be nor feel limited by our allergies.”


Kyle Dine

Kyle is a musician and food allergy educator from Ontario, Canada and Founder of Allergy Translation. He has multiple allergies but loves exploring and has fond memories of driving route 66 across America. He spends a lot of time in Slovenia with his wife’s family and would love to travel to India and the Maldives.

“The world is your oyster, yet with allergies, that oyster always seems so inaccessible. I love that we’re trying to break down some of those barriers and help people plan their dream trip.”